Sustainable Chemical Processes at EuCheMS Green & Sustainable Chemistry Congress

The 1st EuCheMS Congress on Green and Sustainable Chemistry takes place 13-15 October 2013 in Budapest Hungary, under the auspices of the Hungarian Chemical Society. Topics covered include bioresources, novel synthetic methodologies towards sustainability, energy issues and climate change, and analytical methods in green chemistry.

Sustainable Chemical Processes journal is a conference sponsor and exhibitor. Representatives from the journal are attending to provide more information about the new open access journal from Chemistry Central covering sustainable approaches in chemistry from nanolitre to multilitre, from laboratory to industry.

This is the first conference where Chemistry Central is exclusively showcasing Sustainable Chemical Processes, and it is an ideal opportunity to present the journal to the sustainable and green chemistry research community.

This includes a chance to meet with Plenary Speaker Rafael Luque from the University of Cordoba Spain, who is also an Editorial Board member and is at the exhibition booth on Tuesday to talk about his involvement with the journal.

Sustainable Chemical Processes is edited by Professor Munishwar Gupta at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, with a distinguished international Editorial Board.

Since launch, the journal has covered a wide range of topics such as:- a review of ionic liquids for lignocellulosic biomass fractionation; a review of microwave energy potential for biodiesel production; research into terrestrial cyanobacteria to increase efficiency in low energy production processes; a commentary on the valorisation of food residues; research into lipase microcrystals for producing biodiesel from spent coffee grounds; and a commentary on green chemistry and the biorefinery concept.

During the journal launch period until 1 January 2014 there is no article-processing charge to publish in Sustainable Chemical Processes.

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