Emerging contaminants – A new thematic series in Chemistry Central Journal

nullPapers are welcomed for a new thematic series in Chemistry Central Journal devoted to the environmental chemistry of emerging contaminants.

The series is edited by Sébastien Sauvé, Associate Professor at the University of Montreal, and a Section Editor for Chemistry Central Journal. “Emerging contaminants can be considered as those contaminants that have appeared only recently, but would be better named as contaminants of emerging concerns” he explains. “ Many emerging contaminants have been in the environment for a while but concerns over their presence and potential impact have been raised much more recently”. In addition to research on emerging contaminants, the series will also cover emerging issues about more traditional contaminants.

The series has launched with four papers:

  • A review from Sébastien Sauvé summarises the information available on the bioavailability and bioaccessibility of lead, and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the various methods used for its measurement
  • Christian Gagnon and colleagues investigate the fate of antidepressants in sewage following treatment with ozone, finding that ozonation leads to higher removal efficiencies than current treatment methods
  • Casey Doolette et al. look at how silver nanoparticles, which are increasingly found in consumer products, are affecting microbial communities in wastewater treatment plants
  • Finally, a research article by Mark Hanson et al. assesses the presence of nutrients, micropollutants and antibiotic resistance genes in lagoon outputs, and also investigates their potential removal

We will be accepting submissions until August 30th and encourage you to submit your work. Manuscripts should be submitted via our online submission system and your covering letter should state that the manuscript is for the emerging contaminants thematic series. For further information please contact the editorial team at editorial@chemistrycentral.com.

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