Sustainable Chemical Processes – a new journal from Chemistry Central

We are pleased to announce a new open access journal from Chemistry Central, Sustainable Chemical Processes, which will cover the scientific and engineering aspects of sustainable approaches in chemistry. The following is a guest blog post from Editor-in-Chief Prof. Munishwar Gupta, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India.

The emergence of green chemistry as a discipline has led to a paradigm shift in thinking about the way chemical processes should be designed. Chemical industry has acted in a responsible manner and initiated steps to shift to sustainable chemical processes. This is a time when one needs a seamless platform that brings together people who work at various scales from a few nano-litres to multi-litres. Also, to provide a common journal with a broad scope (including “green engineering” and “white biotechnology“) which would catalyze cross-fertilization of ideas from disciplines that are different, but united with a common theme of sustainability of the chemical process. Open access is about removing the barriers among scientists. So, the twin themes of this new open access journal, Sustainable Chemical Processes, are: bringing together chemists, chemical engineers and biotechnologists who work on sustainable chemical processes; and promoting interaction between scientists from developing and developed nations by providing ready access to information in the area.

Furthermore, this is a journal that does not classify sustainable chemistry as a new “exclusive club”, but which welcomes any fresh ideas and innovations from anybody, anywhere.

We believe that rigorous peer review (as opposed to “pit bull” reviewing!) can be fair as well. We also believe there is still a place for innovation that just uses “test tube chemistry”, as well as for work that has to necessarily rely upon costly and sophisticated equipment.

Sustainable Chemical Processes is now accepting submissions. Manuscripts can be submitted via our online submission system, or for more information contact the editorial team at

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