Davide Mattia joins as Section Editor for Chemistry Central Journal


We are delighted to welcome Dr Davide Mattia to the Editorial Board of Chemistry Central Journal. Davide is part of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath, and he joins as a Section Editor for the Materials & Polymers section.

Davide’s research interests cover:
(i) Nanostructured materials for catalysis
(ii) Nanostructured membranes for water filtration

Before taking up his current position at Bath, he obtained his PhD in Materials Engineering at Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA. He has 30 publications, two patents and two book chapters, and in 2010 he was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship in the area of nanomaterials manufacturing. Further information about his research activity can be found at: www.bath.ac.uk/nanotech.

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