All systems go!

Systems Chemistry, a term first coined only five years ago, represents an exciting new field that brings together aspects from a variety of chemical disciplines, providing the opportunity to discover life-like dynamic signatures in all areas of chemistry. Chemistry Central has launched a new peer-reviewed, open access, journal to bring together work published under this heading, creating a home for Systems Chemists.

Journal of Systems Chemistry provides an analysis of this emerging area in its first editorial ‘Welcome Home, Systems Chemists!’. It explores the evolution of the subject since its inception, documenting research into exciting areas ranging from chemical systems with emergent behavior, such as simple self-replicating and self-reproducing systems, to the origin of homochirality in biological systems.

"Systems Chemistry is the science which ultimately will lead to the real understanding of cell biology" explains Piet Herdewijn, who alongside Günter von Kiedrowski and Sijbren Otto are the Editors-in-Chief of the journal. They point out that “defining clear boundaries at this stage of development of the field would be premature”, but key areas that the journal aims to publish work in include:

  • experimental and theoretical studies of complex molecular networks
  • catalytic and autocatalytic systems
  • self-replicating and self-reproducing chemical systems
  • dynamic combinatorial chemistry
  • emergent phenomena in molecular networks
  • information processing by chemical reactions
  • bifurcation and chiral symmetry breaking
  • bottom up approaches to synthetic biology and chemical evolution
  • research on chemical self-organization inspired by the problems of the origin and synthesis of life
  • research from the conjunction of supramolecular, prebiotic and biomimetic chemistry, theoretical biology, complex systems physics, and earth, planetary and space sciences centered in chemistry

With the potential to bridge the gap between chemistry and biology, and answer questions about the origin of life, systems chemistry is sure to attract attention from all scientific communities.

The journal is now open for submissions.

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